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A British foundry for British racing castings - sand castings in magnesium alloys and aluminium alloys

Specialising in manufacturing high quality castings for motorsport
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All main magnesium alloys

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Magnesium casting alloys: AZ81 / L122 AZ91 RZ5 / L128 MSR Elektron 21* others available on request

Aluminium casting alloys: LM25 L169 L99 L154 L155 LM0 LM6 LM4 others on request.

* Elektron 21
Elektron 21 is a new high strength full heat treatable magnesium based casting alloy for use at temperatures up to 200 deg C. This magnesium alloy has excellent corrosion resistance characteristics and castability. Magnesium Elektron has developed this lightweight, high performance alloy for motorsport and aerospace applications. Elektron 21 castings, like all magnesium alloy castings, machine faster than any other metal.Providing the geometry of the part allows the limiting factor is the power & speed of the machine rather than the quality of the tool material. The power required per cubic centimetre of metal removed varies from 9 to 14 watts per minute depending on the operation.